Dynamic Edge Bell Boots

At a glance, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the bell boots on the market today. Most overreach boots have roughly the same design, are made out of similar materials, and share the same features and protective benefits, until now.


Dynamic Edge Overreach boots by Cactus revolutionize the look, fit and function of bell boots by placing emphasis on three key areas: DESIGN, FIT and PERFORMANCE..


1. Design

DE-OE have a unique “cut” that is deep in the rear of the boot that covers the heel or bulbs of the foot but then quickly recedes back up the sides and front of the foot towards the hook and loop closures in the front. This design creates much less boot-to-ground contact which in-turn alleviates the rebound or bounce of the boot during a run. It is this bounce or lift created from the ground during each stride that eventually turns a boot during the course of a run. Minimizing the boot-to-ground contact helps keep the boot in place.


2. Fit

The natural design of a horse’s foot allows the perfect spot for a boot to fit into place between the heel bulbs. Most boots have a protrusion that is supposed to fit in this space, but only the new DE-OE boots have the bulb inset lower to the ground which allows the boot to fit securely into the natural crevasse of the horse foot. This perfect fit keep the boots in place during all exercises which maximizes protection every stride.  


3. Performance

Just like stepping on your shoe laces, one huge problem with standard bell boots is they get stepped on by the horse during turns or crossover maneuvers; and the sides will begin to ‘flare out’ over time. Fallon Taylor quit running BabyFlo in bell boots because she was constantly stepping on the side of the boots when turning the barrels. She was basically stepping on her shoe lace and pinning the other foot to the ground and making her trip. The new design and fit of the DE-OE boots alleviate the chance of a horse stepping on the boots therefore increase the protection and performance of this newly designed boot.