You can train your own champion! I struggled through training Babyflo on my own. She was hot, ancy, excited, and did I mention hot? I have trained hundreds of barrel horses that have gone on to win with many different styles of riders, but training for myself is so much harder. I don’t want to mess anything up, so I tend to be a nit-picky, perfectionist, flaw seeking, over achiever! So, when training 2.0 I decided to document the whole thing. This is a colt that I believe will take me to another National Finals Rodeo qualification and, if I play my cards right, maybe even another World Title. The task laid before me was to take this over-the-top hot colt from knowing the barrel pattern, past the terrible three’s, and on to win money at barrel races! I accomplished it all on film so that you can too! I will show you how ugly it gets before it gets great and teach you the feel of when to make changes and when to keep trucking. When to change bits, when to add more speed, when to slow down, and when to start entering! I never thought I had the ability to train my dream horse — but I did! I have faith that with my tools you can do the same for yourself!