Hey, I'm Fallon!

Hey! I'm Fallon! I am a professional athlete, entrepreneur, business owner, coach, public speaker, and so much more! I'm so glad you're here!


Flowers & Money X Dr Nick Bar

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Flos Heiress X Slick By Design


Flos Heiress X Metallic Cat


That's the fun part about rodeo! We typically don't know until 2 weeks prior. We suggest supporting your local rodeo regardless and I might just be there!

I have filmed over 100 hours of lessons tailored to problems that you may be trying to solve with you and your horse! I’d love to have you take lessons today and your first try at lessons is FREE!

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We have no scheduled clinics for the 2021/2022 season yet. We are doing virtual clinics monthly. This helps to eliminate travel expenses, protocols, and help work best with your time schedule.
They cover all different topics, issues, and skill levels. Visit the CLINICS tab to purchase your ticket.

Yes! We sell very few horses from our private collection. You are welcome to submit a request via email. Make sure to include your budget, desired age, gender and skill level. For additional consideration please submit videos of your current riding level. All horses start at $20,000.