How I lost 40 lbs!!!

How I lost 40 lbs!!!

If you have ever struggled with weight loss - the next thing I am about to say is SO ANNOYING!

Losing weight is one of the easiest things you can do for yourself - hands down - EVER! Super annoying....I know but hear me out!

What is the hardest thing to do? Set deadlines for your goals, stick with them when other people aren't on your same journey, create enough power behind your goals that you take time out of your day to make them a priority - NOW THAT IS TOUGH!

So lets talk about how I was able to get this done! 


I hired a mentor! What is it within us that needs someone to stand over us and count to us like we are children? WHY ARE WE LIKE THIS!?!? And pay money for it LOL! Let me tell you this - finding someone that will remind you to work out daily, set of alarm bells for when you miss it, and constantly nag you about getting to the gym is in your home right now (if you have an iphone) and you paid a grand to have her there - HER NAME IS SIRI! 

We can follow enough things on instagram, youtube and Pinterest to have a general idea of what we need to do - BUT THE TRICK IS ACTUALLY DOING IT!


We make time for whatever has priority in our life! Think about it - if something comes up that you need to switch around your whole life for and it means enough to you - somehow you make it, with shaved legs, makeup on, and smiling! But the gym....the treadmill...taking a dang walk outside.....ummmm ya it can wait LOL!

It is important to PRE SCHEDULE your victories. 


LISTEN UP! It is SOOOOOO important that you create an event or deadline that means the world to you so that when your personal trainer SIRI tells you to get away from NETFLIX you actually do it! Or when you feel like absolute garbage you still do it anyway. 

Don't have anything coming up? Plan your own dang reveal party. A nice dinner, a date, a photo shoot with a friend and their personal photographer (SIRI) LOL!

When to give up:

YEP! Let's talk about when it is ok for you to throw in the towel! Make your own "I'm doing this until" statement. For me - "I am doing this because my body is miraculous (I learned to walk again), its my way of expressing gratitude for being able to walk, and I am doing this until my body can't do it anymore."

Now mine is pretty dramatic! When I wasn't do poetic it was more like, I am doing this until September no matter way. I am doing this for 12 weeks no matter what. I am doing this until its easy no matter what.

Don't tie your results to a number tie them to a feeling and you will find success. 


There is a reason that supplements exist! The day you don't want to answer to SIRI about getting off the couch, mix yourself up some of my Wonder Woman MIX (recipe down below) and wait 30 minutes. You will be itching to get on the treadmill and make your goals a reality. 

I also am so married to the routine of my supplements. I love taking the time to get my pretty shaker cup out, mixing up my own personal cocktail of self-love and shaking it up to have with me all day! I LOVE IT! 

Yes, it helps me burn fat throughout the day, but the moments I take out of my day to drink my protein and give my body what it needs is equivalent to me taking the time to light a candle and put epsom salt in my bath after a long day - I LOVE IT!

Here are some of my recipes and use code FALLON when you CLICK HERE to get everything you need and you will get 20% off of your entire order!

I can't wait to see what you accomplish this week! Tag me in pics on instagram @fallontaylor2