How to start a business

How to start a business

Boy oh Boy! I have learned a thing or two about business over the last decade! 

I will make sure to break down steps that helped me tremendously over the years because all of the stuff they skip in school about taxes, debt, credit scores and retirement - turns out that stuff is where more important than finding angels in isosceles triangles.

And no, I absolutely don't think that every single person is cut out to be a business owner but I want to be VERY clear!

The big guys that I have run into - you know the super rich, super intimidating, been there done that guys - they're just like us! Super humble to boot - seriously!

I used to think that a "real job" or "real work" would require lots of levels of discomfort and while it did - it has been the only place where I have found solace in knowing that the hardest worker in the room really does win!

Alex and I are going to be teaching a FREE course on this topic on Thursday at 7PM CST. If you can't make it at that time but are still interested make sure to sign up here so that you can watch the replay when you're available. 

Write it out:

How many times do I have to say it?!?! WRITE IT DOWN! Seriously though....write it down! Ok....ever gone to Target? For one thing? No list? How'd that go? How much did you spend....don't worry I'll wait. Jesus is listening honest LOL!

Ok, seriously! You have to write everything down. There isn't a room in my home without a Goal Journal tucked away somewhere. Goals can be completing todays tasks so that lump in your throat and anxiety sweats can go away! Goals don't always have to mean a mansion in Laguna Beach with a Ferrari in the driveway - but if you feel inclined to drop it off at my house I will totally drive it! HA!

I mean writing down the steps that would get you 1% closer to the thing/outcome you want in the long term.

The fastest way to tackle overwhelm is to word vomit on paper! 

If you are as crazy about notebooks/journals/planners as I am - check out my GOALS JOURNAL complete with stories about life, calendars, checklists, and more! 

Time Blocking:

This is hands down one of the most important tools you could ever learn. We teach it inside of our coaching group and you can learn lots about it from a quick google search, but you better believe that without time blocking I wouldn't get anything done!

I even set a timer for 7 minutes for my morning glam routine so I don't get carried away and 30 minutes is gone before I know it. 


You are either growing or dying and there's no in between. Thats it! I always want to be learning because the alternative seems scary lol! 

I live for learning! I share everything I learn weekly on my podcast. If you want some morning drive-time things to help you learn I highly recommend subscribing to my no-nonsense way of dishing out some things that could really help you!

I'd be stoked if you shared them on your social media if they help you! 



PLEASE LEARN FROM ME! In the past - this one has cost me big time!

I hired who I liked, or who made me laugh, or who was convenient not because of their skill level but because of some other reason that made absolutely NO business sense!

So, in learning from me....take heed when hiring! Hire the person that is the most qualified for the position only...AND I MEAN ONLY when you absolutely NEEEED the help!

Now on the flip side - I have hired people that weren't necessarily proven in the field that they were hired in, but mentally on the same exact journey of constantly learning their craft and THAT IS AWESOME! Less experience means less cost and then you can grow together if money is tight. 

That is exactly what I did and man has it been amazing!

For all my blunders in hiring - this gem of a lesson more than makes up for it!

Get Help!:

You can do this all on your own! Go rogue! Be the first in your family to run a business! Find financial freedom! Do it all yourself!

But -- you will cost yourself thousands of dollars and decades of time that you can never never never get back!

You need to be building an amazing army of people that love your ideas and support you! You need them so bad! Mentors, coaches and people willing to give you feedback even when it stings!

You do NOT want to try this alone!

Getting a coach right from the start that knows WAY more than you can exponentially expedite your process. You will be hesitant to take all advice (we all think we are the first to think of our thing lol its ok) but once you settle into taking awesome advice from someone that has already been there - they can save you DECADES LITERALLY DECADES!

That is why Alex and I coach people daily online! People from all over the world are taking our advice! We would love to be your mentor through your new journey to business ownership - or help you get out of debt - get your crap together! You know whatever part of your journey you're on. 

I am excited for Thursday and would be stoked if you joined us too! Click here to register for your seat!