Magical Calming Potion for Horses with Anxiety

Magical Calming Potion for Horses with Anxiety

Lord knows.......A horse that isn't focused on a task and high energy is a nightmare! 

I've dealt with all kinds: Trailer kicking, teeth scraping, pawing, alley anticipators, moody mares...YOU NAME IT!

I have solutions! But before I get to my magic potion (lol makes me feel like Harry Potter - NERD ALERT) I want to tell you about some common sense things that I do with my horses to help them feel more comfortable. 

I don't give in to them having buddy sour issues or needing constant companionship - instead I have a really great plan once I am saddled! I know the exact things I am going to ask my horse to do or perform while I am on his back! The busier his mind is while I am training - the busier I will ask him to be. 

Remember, making the thing you want to do easy and the thing he wants to do hard is the simplest solution ever. 

For my horses that paw and knicker for other horses while I travel - I keep them in the trailer. I make sure they have feed/water/fan or ventilation. Why?!? Because they have shade, amazing flooring, and with it having a "tight" feel can give them comfort. I have always wondered why people get to places to unload their horses for them to stand on rocks in the sun when the trailer provides so much protection. 

I always want my horses to feel two ways before performing their job! Confident & Focused!

So here is my Magical Potion for Anxiety before a ride! I call it:


I get these amazing roller ball containers on amazon and fill myself! They're cheap and if you keep them stored away they don't have to be amber. I worry about the glass around animals. 

In 10 Ml bottle:

10 drops lavender

10 drops Eucalpytus

Fill to the top with Fractionated Coconut Oil (amazon) FCO is my favorite carrier oil because it is a very light oil and has many health benefits.  FCO is different from regular coconut oil because it stays liquid.  It prevents oxidation making it effective for extending the shelf life of your essential oils.

I keep these stored in my grooming bag or in my saddle sack on my ride! If you want to get all the ingredients, a diffuser for your home, my digital recipe book for everything I use in my barn, the RELEASE kit for before you run and a FREE Timeless Tips DVD just click HERE! The whole kit is just $50 FREE SHIPPING

My #1 reason for keeping it in my saddle sack?!?!

Because it works for the anxious rider too!

I hope that you love this recipe! If you do - go grab my full book on essential oils for horses HERE!

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