My #1 Rule in the Barn & Life

My #1 Rule in the Barn & Life

Whether you’re in my barn or in my circle you know, “They all make” is my #1 policy for horses and people. That means regardless of an animal’s or individual’s projected potential or someone else’s evaluation we believe everyone and every animal can be a success to some degree. Does that mean every horse is meant to win a World Championship title and every person is meant to be the President of The United States? No, but it does mean we all have the opportunity to make the most of our skills, talents and abilities. With consistency I believe everyone can maximize their potential and reach their top level of success.

Over the years, I’ve trained enough horses and been around enough people to know that the horses that have the most success in their careers typically have a story of injury, set backs, learning disabilities or a story that their pedigree wasn’t good enough to make anything of value and here’s the thing — it’s the same for people! I may have a limiting belief that “I’m just not a runner” because I have a history of injury— and I probably will never be an ultra marathoner—but if I zero in and make learning to run long distances my goal I could CRUSH a 10k race, feel really proud of myself, and unlock a new identity I never thought was possible. 

It’s not a secret that my favorite kind of story is one that includes the rise of an underdog. In my opinion, there is no better motivation than the kind that comes from someone telling you that you won’t or even that you can’t. BRING that kind of criticism TO ME! When this happens, I get next level excited. Why? Because I automatically know I have the advantage of the sneak attack. If I narrow my focus a little more and become the most consistent version of myself I can gain ground quickly on those who have underestimated me.

My Top 4 Tips for Ensuring “They All Make:

  1. CALL YOURSELF OUT - Identify your limiting beliefs and write them down. Now, take that sheet of paper, crumple it up and throw it in the trash, you’re done with those!
  2. CALL YOUR SHOT - What is the one goal you want to tackle? Write it down.
  3. MAKE A PLAN - Look at your schedule. Do the things on it accommodate support your goal? If they don’t, reevaluate and figure out a way you can build in small milestones you can consistently complete to help you build momentum along the way. 
  4. TAKE ACTION - Now, you’ve trashed your excuses, called your shot and made a plan, get out there and actually do it!

Whatever you do, don’t stop, be the hero you’ve always wanted to meet! You may be destined to tell your underdog story in a decade to inspire millions of people. Get out there because THEY ALL MAKE.

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