My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

I think that the morning routine of a person determines their future!

Pretty dramatic - I KNOW....but......if you do a quick google search for something super cheesy like "How to be a millionaire" or "How to be successful" You will quickly stumble on a redundant mix of meditate, sleep, hydrate, plan, and exercise! 

It seems pretty simple but why don't most of us do it?

I compare it to my champion horses. I have their routines down to a science. At 54 degrees they get a slinky to keep them cozy - at 48 degrees they get a winter blanket. Their lights are on in the barn to mimic the spring months all year round in order for their hormones to remain balanced and don't even get me started on their amazing nutrition schedule. 

Now think about us! I wake up to a super annoying alarm, race out the door without ever taking a second glimpse at our personal health, slamming an energy drink to maintain consciousness throughout the day and then - if we get to - we will attempt to sleep for just enough hours to get going again!

I hope that I can inspire you to change all of that! Whenever you shift your standard for your self-love, people will either join the party or get evicted. 

Some people will love seeing your changes and some will not and both outcomes you become a better version of yourself!

So heres my isn't the best or the greatest or the gospel on morning routines but I can tell you that I am experiencing more happiness, joy, and freedom in my life by structuring my day this way!

6AM wake up, 10 min meditation and visualizing my goals, drink 10 oz water and glutamine (by mansports) mixed with iso-aminos (mango)

6:30AM walk the dogs for 35 minutes and visualize my most important priorities and think about my goals coming true while I walk. Enjoy time with Alex and spend time together first thing in the morning discussing his goals. 

7AM shower! I use a shower essential oil diffuser that you can get here and use link for 10% off! Cup of coffee with iso-amino coffee creamer, egg white omelet.

7:15AM get ready! Listen to podcasts while doing my makeup routine. Set timer for 7 minutes. My makeup looks the same whether I spend 45 minutes on it or 7 minutes - so I chose 7 LOL!

7:30AM I make a priority list of things that need to be done. Then I prioritize that list with a numbers system. See the brain makes list based on what you can remember in a certain order. It doesn't remember in order of importance so you see the list in a jumbled order. GRATITUDE & GOALS is the most important thing to write down everyday! You can get my GOAL JOURNAL here!

8AM Prep my food for the entire day. I use prepped meals so I can spend less money on groceries. You can get my meals here use code FALLON at checkout for 20% off your entire order. 

I pack my supplements for the mid day crash and to stay hydrated. 

I make an appointment with my fiance. Thats right - an appointment. I want to know what time of the day we are going to spend with each other so that all of these other things, phones, duties, can go away and we can spend time working on our relationship. 

I hope that this blog has given you a nugget of information that makes your day so much better. 

Changing your routine can change your entire life!