The most requested blog EVER!! My favorite books

The most requested blog EVER!! My favorite books


I wanted to make sure that I had enough time to sit down and really put together a list of books that would be life changing for you!

I am OBSESSED with books! Here is the reason...When I learned that humans recreate patterns over and over again regardless of what time period we live in, what region, what country or what religious beliefs we have - I realized that I need to learn about our weaknesses and see if I could change mine! IMMEDIATELY!

Now, I am no where near finished "working on myself" and now totally understand what "work in progress" means through and through. Now that I have taught my brain to tackle hard problems and solve them its like I am excited to take on new challenges. I am hoping for that same thing to happen to you because it is a euphoric feeling!

I have always wanted to be an author - and look at me go! Terrified to post blogs, yet here I am just typing away smiling and changing lives for the better! Woohoo! Sorry - had to take a second to celebrate!

Now, how will you chose which book to read first? I feel like this is simple. Remember humans repeat patterns and some of us love to share those patterns - so even though you may think your situation is 100% unique to the planet, I can bet you that someone somewhere has a lot in common with you and has figured out a way to make lemons out of lemonade...and if we are lucky - THEY WROTE DOWN THEIR SECRETS!

While I do love to read and I mean LOVE to read - I do have some rules to live by that will save you tons of time and money! 

Rule #1- pick out the thing in your life that is giving you the most stress. Really pin point it. Is it that your home is always cluttered, that you are terrible with finances, you have a love life that is suffering, you have crappy friends? What is it? Find that subject for me and then start researching. I did my best to categorize below things that I love and gave you a link to my Amazon list to get these to you tomorrow - or download the audio ASAP (thats my favorite!). 

Rule #2- the author has to win you over! It is not your job to read terrible books. Now, I am not going to list any books that I think are sucky so this list is safe, but when you start strolling through Barnes & Noble and you spend your hard earned money on a crappy book - TAKE IT BACK! The author has a job to do dangit!

Rule #3- if you read a book that is absolutely amazing GIVE IT AWAY! I find this the most fulfilling part about books. Even when I have highlighted and ear-marked the whole thing - I make myself give them away. Now that I listen to audios, I take the time to study the book and then SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS the titles so others can experience the same breakthroughs that I did. 

I want happy, fulfilled, amazing, passionate people around me all the time! This is one very easy way to pour value into their lives. 

OK OK! Enough with the rules right - I am SUCH a homeschooler lol!

Lets get to the books!

The Five Second Rule- For EVERYONE especially if you are procrastinating on believing in yourself or really GOING FOR IT! Click to get this one!

Attached-For people struggling with getting into a fulfilling relationship, getting out of a crappy one, and understanding why they always end up in this situation! THIS ONE IS A GAME CHANGER! 


Tribe Of Mentors: Business Minded people looking for insight from a TRIBE of mentors sharing what they did right and what they did wrong in short easy to read interviews! LOVE this one!


Sticks & Stones: For the underdogs! If you feel like the world has been against you and hearing stories of someone facing the odds to overcome and become wildly successful would help you out of a slump . - THIS ONE IS GREAT!

Deep Thoughts Journal: Shameless plug but this little book has helped change and shape so many lives for the better that it would be a travesty to leave it off this list. This journal is a compilation of my podcasts with spaces to take notes after every single lesson, then task list spaces to take action on your dreams, monthly calendars and weekly goal sheets! You need this one!

ClockWork- This one is amazing for business owners that are learning how to actually start enjoying the fruits of their labor through time management and delegation!


Maybe It's You!: This one is summarized as- Cut the Crap. Face your Fears. Love your Life!


You are a BadAss! suffering from confidence issues? BUY THIS NOW!

Make Your Bed: If short books that are quick hitting and easy to read are your thing - you would love this! Highly recommend for you if you are just having a hard time kick starting your dream life!


Tidying Up: Written by Netflix star Marie Kondo, she gives you a real, start right now, view at how changing the homes we live in with the simplest of rules can give us a fresh start!


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Hope you love these!