The Story Behind My Book

The Story Behind My Book

Why would I even attempt to write a book? Who do I think I am? What kind of credentials do I have to be an author?

Well, truth be told...I actually have been a published author from a very young age. Some of my works, short stories, and poems were published in big time publications like National Geographic Jr and other children's publications long ago.

But, as an adult we just start doubting every single move we make! "That was a long time ago." "People will make fun of you for trying." and many other conversations like this that I had with myself were super annoying to myself and for those around me.

So - I studied how to over power the doubtful voice within and then I began to really learn a lot about myself and then I even realized what other people are doing to self-sabotage.

I began to talk myself through my vulnerabilities, short comings, issues with confidence and quickly realized that I was starting to come up with solutions. Not just applicable to me, but for everyone around me that was struggling. 

So - I self published! One of the scariest things a person can do. I wasn't ready to run into a publishers office to be dissected in a thousand different ways only to let my already fragile ego be further damaged.  

I just went for it! I took what I had been literally talking my way through and had it put down onto paper - and then I told the public about it!

TERRIFYING!!!! Turns out, I didn't write this book soon enough. I get countless emails, texts, dm's and comments about how the Deep Thoughts Goals Journal has helped people leave toxic relationships, quit their unhealthy addictions, pursue their passions and even by their dream homes!

I had no idea that these thoughts could propel thousands of people to pursue their dreams but what it has taught me - AND THE MAJOR LESSON HERE IS - whatever you are stalling on. Whatever project you have pushed to the side, may be the one thing that could help this planet, help you, and help the next generation. 

I don't think you will read this and go cure cancer, but imagine you inspire the person who can through your actions?

Imagine you are the tiny spark that makes others see something amazing within yourself? Here is my challenge to you! 

1) Write down some crazy dreams that you think are just fantasies

2) Write down 3 action steps you would have to take to make those a reality

3) Allow yourself to take 10 minutes in a quiet space to solve the problems that are standing in your way!

Now, email me ( in 3 or 4 weeks and let me know how your life has changed!

I can't wait to hear about it!

Want to pick up the little book that made my dreams a reality? HERE YOU GO!

Dream huge!